Make A Statement

20 Sep

I have been on the hunt lately for a current version of the “statement” necklace, something that I can wear to a black-tie, televised event I have on my social calendar in early November.  Most of what I’ve come across has been a little predictable and quite frankly, tired.  Few have said “showstopper” quite like the three very different takes on the statement necklace that I am sharing with you today.

I am loving this necklace by Hila Rawet Karni, industrial designer and jeweler.  Rawet Karni blends together her passion for both industrial design and jewelry, using materials like paper, leather, plastic and springs in her collections.  This particular piece is intricate, symmetrical, eye-catching, and completely fabulous.

I have been admiring this next stunner for a few months now and it is a piece from the bloom collection by Ontario jewelry designer Caroline Bruce of Tweak.  In case you’re wondering, yes, that flower is actually a real purple dendrobium orchid bloom that has been preserved in resin.  I love this necklace for its wonderful color and dimension.  Don’t you?

Speaking of flowers, I ran across this beautifully unique necklace designed by Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey.  Before I gush over it let me first say that I love everything on her site.  If you aren’t familiar with her work, you should really give her a visit.  Regarding this piece, though, it seems as if she just strolled on out into the forest, plucked a few blooms and fashioned a necklace with some vine and a few feathers.  I love her attention to detail.  It is fresh, fun, and simply elegant.

Boy, this is a really difficult decision.  Any of these would be sure to earn me many a compliment at the event in November.  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…..

image credits:  first image, Hila Rawet Karni/second image, Tweak Boutique/feature and final image, Twigs & Honey.

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