Maison Moschino: Designer Dreams

22 Sep

Jetsetter is my absolute favorite members-only travel site to browse for deals on some pretty amazing hotels and vacations.  I recently took a short weekend trip with some of my best girlfriends to the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa through them which was fabulous.  I came across a hotel on their site the other day that was so unique I knew I had to book it and get right on a plane to Italy.  Or at the very least, share it with you.

Italian label Moschino (pronounced moss-ski-no) is among the latest in a line of fashion houses to open its own concept hotel, Maison Moschino, which debuted earlier this year in Milan.  It is, in true Moschino style, very sleek.  And stylish.  And whimsical.  Located in an old neoclassical railway station that dates back to 1840, the interior 65 rooms and suites are all different.  Each room is designed around a fairy tale theme as interpreted in Moschino’s distinctive style by Rosella Jardini and their entire creative team.

Feast your eyes on some of my favorite images.  Can you guess the theme of each room?

The neoclassical façade which stays true to its original style belies a whimsical wonderland which is immediately noticeable upon entry into the grand hotel.

Minimalist furnishings offer a blank canvas for a unique and contemporary  interpretation of classic fairy tales in the 65 rooms and suites.

Not surprising to those who know me, this is my favorite of all 65 rooms.  Delicious!

This runs a close second, though.  A bed fit for a queen!

I just love this little owl!

White, billowy, illuminated.  Quindi molto Moschino!

Credits:  Jetsetter and Maison Moschino, a Hotel Philosophy hotel.

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