Crazy About Silhouettes

14 Oct

I picked up a Country Living magazine a month ago and saw this cute witch silhouette atop cupcakes.  See for yourself. Aren’t they adorable?

You’d think that this image would have gotten me excited about Halloween or motivated me to head to my favorite cupcakery for a sweet treat.  No, not this girl.  These cupcakes sparked a full-on obsession with silhouettes and now I am noticing them everywhere.  It’s hard to believe that this art form has been around since the late 1600’s.  Once strictly black-and-white profile images, you can now find them in an impressive variety of colors, patterns, and shapes.  Though I love traditional black-and-white framed silhouettes,  the pop of plaid you see below is a nice modern twist and gives it just a little something extra don’t you think?

I really like these, too, because they represent a departure from tradition.  They are just fresh and fun.

Of course, you don’t just find silhouettes framed and hung on a wall anymore.  Here you see them on everything from drapery panels to wallpaper to dishware to upholstery.  I’m not sure what I think about the pink drapery panels, but everything else I love.  Now, which room in my house can I wallpaper?

photo credits:  Country Living, Unscrabbled, Amy Butler Design, Growing Up Green, Anthropologie







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