Big And Little

19 Oct

The world’s largest and most expensive single-family home was recently completed.  Located in Mumbai, it is the home of one of the world’s wealthiest men, Mukesh Ambani, his wife and three children.  When plans for the home were unveiled two years ago, it was billed as the “greenest of all buildings” by partnering architecture firms Perkins+Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates.  The finished product is a far cry from original renderings leaving environmentalists, and many others, completely disgusted.  Despite where you fall on the spectrum, here are some interesting facts about the structure.

  • Cost = $1 billion
  • Square Feet (living space) = 398,000
  • Stories = 27
  • Housekeeping Staff = 600
  • Amenities = health club, gym, dance studio, pool, 50-seat theater, 3 heli-pads, and 160-car parking garage.

In stark contrast to that glut of steel and space, there is a movement toward living within a smaller footprint like Jay Shafer, founder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and one of the founding members of the Small House Society.  He has lived in the “Epu”, an 89 square-foot plan he created, since 1997.

Since that time, Shafer has designed approximately 15 additional plans with the smallest at 65 square-feet and the largest at just under 900 square-feet.  You can buy a ready-made tiny home or purchase plans and build it yourself.

Want to see more tiny spaces?  Check out the entries in Apartment Therapy’s annual smallest, coolest home contest, or visit the Tiny House Blog.

credits:  Inhabitat, Tiny House Blog, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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