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Getting Personal With Dan Meiners

24 Nov

Part II:  Dan Meiners @ Home

When I approached Dan Meiners in early October about doing a blog series focused on him, his response was, “Of course!”  Uh, did I hear him right?!  I almost fell out of the office chair I was sitting in when he agreed to my request.  Having just partnered with my good friend Courtney to get this baby blog off the ground, bagging an actual blog series with the Dan Meiners was just about more than we could take.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves, truth be told.

But before you go giving me credit for coming up with some slick sales pitch to close the deal, let me present one thing for you to consider.  Could it be that his response says more about the kind of person he is than it does about my personal power of persuasion?  Most assuredly, yes.

In Part I of this blog series, I described Dan as “accessible”.  In Part II he stays true to that description, opening up with us to reveal what he does with that personal time he is so very protective of, and what he enjoys doing when he is away from the Studio.  Relaxed, and very much at home.

CC:  What is the first thing you do when you walk in the door at the end of a long day?

DM: The first thing I do when I walk in the door is go right to the fridge and grab a snack and a drink.  I am always hungry after work because I forget to eat.  Then I say “hey” to the cats and my husband and sit down for a bit.  If it is nice I walk the yard and the rose garden to see what is blooming and then get ready for what is going on later that night.

CC:  What is your favorite way to spend an evening, or time, at home?

DM: Dave and I love watching movies and some of the super-bad  Housewives shows.  We always spend Sunday night together eating Thai food and watching our shows.

CC:  Is there one item or object in your home that holds the most value (sentimental or otherwise) and/or that gives you the most comfort?  If so, what is it and why?

DM: Objects in the house are not that important to me however much I love them and love to look at them.  I do keep photo albums from all over the world, and I always buy the album in the country .  I really love a hard copy pic since everyone has them on their computers.

CC:  Do you prefer to host holiday meals/get togethers or have someone else play host?  Why?

DM: I love to host the meals but it is hard due to schedules.  I really love to get out all the china, silver and trimmings and love to make people feel at home.  Plus, I love to cook.

CC:  Holiday decorating in your own home.  Simple or over-the-top?

DM:  It is in between since I really like a classic clean look for Christmas.  We love all of our ornaments even if some are just junk.  We did go a bit overboard on some of our outside trees with 22,000 lights that took special breakers just to run.

CC:  What is it about you that you think your parents would say makes them the proudest?

DM:  I would say they love that I really live my life, and that they really gave us kids the confidence to do what we like.

CC:  When was the last time you got embarrassed?  What were the circumstances?

DM:  I really do not remember.  I need to think about that one.

CC:  When you think about the current state of our country, are you discouraged or hopeful?  Both?  Why?

DM:  I feel we are spending more than we have, especially the country.  I am included in that, but I feel some of the label stuff is getting less important to me.  I also think that people think about other people’s business way too much.  It is not my place or anyone else’s to tell someone what to do or how to live their life and with all the divisive politics right now, it is just getting worse.

CC:  Of all the issues facing our nation today, what concerns you the most and why?

DM:  Washington not working together and the greed that fuels it.

CC:  What has been the best thing that’s happened for or to you so far in 2010? What has been the worst?

DM:  Getting into my new building and doing it with my partner.  But the worst is having to bring work home and talk about it with my partner.  It is a fine line we are learning to deal with.  Also my partner had open heart surgery and the best thing that happened is that he is better than ever.  He is the best.

Author’s Note: Watch for part III, Dan Meiners @ Play, to be up on the site in mid-December.  Something tells me I’m in for the party of my life.  Also, if you haven’t had a chance yet to meet Dan Meiners, stop by his new Studio at 2500 W. Pennway and say “hello”.

Photo courtesy of Dan Meiners.


Holiday Cheer for your iPhone!

18 Nov

Cartolina Cards has created the cutest iPhone app for the Holidays!  You can choose from a selection of designs, customize your message and then you can either email or text it to all your friends and family. It supports dozens of languages and you can send them to multiple recipients for only $1.99. So, spread some cheer!

Stella McCartney Kids

9 Nov

Stella McCartney has just launched an adorable new clothing line for kids to add to her women’s ready-to-wear collection and skin care line. As a lifelong vegetarian, she stays true to her beliefs by creating organic and eco-friendly products that do not use any leather or fur.

Check out this cute video…

In addition to downloadable wallpapers, drawing games and a virtual playground on their website, they also have a new iPhone app.

{images via Stella McCartney Kids}

Time In Your Hands

3 Nov

I ran across the sweetest 2011 calendar by Hong Kong based artist Furze Chan and had to share it with you. It has the sweetest little illustrations and is available on Litttle Paper Planes for $15. What a great stocking stuffer!

{images via Little Paper Planes}

Door Candy

1 Nov

Well, we blinked and now it is November.  Can you believe it?!  Happy November everyone!

So now that Halloween has come and gone and we have stuffed ourselves full of candy, it is time to change our door candy – time to remove the Halloween-inspired wreath or whatever door decor we have hanging and replace it with something that represents the bounty and beautiful colors of the season.  If you pull out the same tired old wreath you’ve hung in years past and find yourself longing for something fresh and new, we’ve got a little inspiration for you.  We are loving these wonderfully lush and colorful wreaths from Williams-Sonoma.

photo credits:  Williams-Sonoma

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