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Cole Haan: The Inspired Life

11 Oct

I recently added two pair of shoes from Cole Haan’s new fall collection to my wardrobe.  Other than being super cute, they are incredibly comfortable.  Say “hello” to the Cole Haan Air Clair.And to the Cole Haan Air Trillby.Naturally curious about what other hot new styles I might find, I decided to peruse their website and happened upon their collaboration with fashion/interiors/portrait photographer Todd Selby (aka “The Selby“), The Inspired Life.  The campaign, which debuted in the spring of this year, profiles real-life individuals shot, as Selby does so well, in their natural environment.  Lindsey Caldwell, musician and DJ.  Jonathan Roquemaure, proprietor of The Index, LTD.  Ryann Bosetti, hair stylist and creative director.  These are but three of the six individuals featured.  All with very different interests, but the same in that they share the brand’s unique approach to life and style.

Cole Haan’s The Inspired Life:  “Lived by individuals who are driven by passion, vision and curiosity.  They make their mark on the world with creativity, imagination and style.”

Does that sound like anyone you know?

photo credits:  Cole Haan

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